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End point: It will likely take years for Tsarnaev's legal team to exhaust the appeals process.His defense attorney has already indicated she wants to take full advantage of it.Facing death: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (pictured) will become the 62nd inmate on Death Row this week when he is likely transferred the US federal jail in Terre Haute, Indiana, for his role in the Boston Marathon bombings High-security: At 21, Tsarnaev will also be the youngest inmate on Death Row at Terre Haute (pictured).But now, it has emerged he could be 40 by the time he is executed by lethal injection due to the appeals process Judith Clarke has argued it was prejudicial to her client to hold the trial in Boston, Massachusetts, and that her team was given 'insufficient time' to prepare their arguments against the death penalty.Above, Terre Haute's death chamber Verdict: Last week, seven women and five men unanimously voted to punish Tsarnaev with death for his part in detonating two homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the marathon's finish line in April 2013.Above, Tsarnaev, pictured with his defense attorneys on Friday, was emotionless as the verdict was read out The US Bureau of Prisons has not yet decided where Tsarnaev will be detained, but it is likely he will end up at the high-security prison in Terre Haute, where he will join 61 other males on Death Row.I want to be there': Boston police escort Liz Norden, right, mother of two wounded Boston Marathon bombing survivors Leaning into the microphone, he told a federal judge, 'Not guilty' in a strong Russian accent and said it over and over as the charges were read.Then he was led away in handcuffs, making a kissing gesture toward his family with his lips.

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The proceedings took place in a heavily guarded courtroom packed with about 30 victims and their families, police officers, and members of the public glaring at the teenager who looked every inch his 19-years.The high-security complex (pictured) is home to the state's death chamber Executed: Only three prisoners have been put to death at Terre Haute prison in the past 50 years. We will terrorize you.''Calculated attack': During Tsarnaev's high-profile trial, Assistant U. Attorney Aloke Chakravarty had told jurors that the suspect had intentionally chosen to carry out the 'cold, calculated' attack at the marathon.These include Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Mc Veigh (right), and drug baron and triple killer Juan Raul Garza (left) 'Cleaner version of hell': However, Tsarnaev could also end up at Colorado's ADXA (pictured), formerly known as the U. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility, is likely 'the most punitive, rigid, prison in America,' as defense lawyer Judith Clarke put it during Tsarnaev’s trial, arguing for life in prison for her client'This was a cold, calculated terrorist act. Above, Tsarnaev is pictured in a personal photo (left) before the bombings and, right, in his police mugshot'Tsarnaev is a criminal and a terrorist responsible for one of the most reprehensible attacks in Boston's history,' he told the Associated Press.Peter Brown (Center) and Liz Norden (Right) speak to the media outside the U. District Court in Boston after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's arraignment.

Norden's two sons each lost a leg in the Boston Marathon bombings 'I'm angry.Lacey Buckley said she traveled from her home in Wenatchee, Wash., to attend the arraignment. Brittney Gillis, a student at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, where Tsarnaev attended, came to the courthouse because she wanted to see the suspect.

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