Comic updating scripts

20-May-2016 08:44

As near as I can figure, a few days after the Feb 12 strip ran, I re-scanned and re-uploaded it, presumably to fix an artistic error or typo.But it looks like I mistakenly scanned the Feb 10 strip instead.I always draw a strip on time, so if it's not displayed, the site has either borked or I'm dead.If it's the latter, I won't be bothered by your email. (04/22/2013) this year for comic uploading screw-ups has not been great. I named the file with tomorrow's date by accident and my phone ran out of battery because I left my charger at work (normally, I get a text message and an email if the comic doesn't update).

Why does this only work in video view: In the current ES build the marquee meta data only works with video view.Why do these thing *always* happen when I leave the country? ) and lost track of which advance comics were actually uploaded and which needed to be scanned over the weekend (doi, what a lame excuse).