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One of my favorite punishments, as a matter of fact.

But first, he recites the mandatory Evil Guy threats, which brings us to one reason why I like these Russian Spanking films – the bad dialogue! The camera pans all over her body, showing us the welts and lacerations from the whip.

That rod, in turn, is later discarded and she must kiss a third birch rod, as well as his hand because it holds the birch rod. The framing of the shots in some scenes is strictly amateur as well, which is a shame because the actress is really turning in a good performance. There are always free 20 second samples of the top dozen releases on my site you can enjoy with no strings attached.

deafs dating sites-71

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This makes his name fairly recognizable on both sides of the Iron Curtain, and is the inspiration for the character of Count Rasymovsky in this film.

I’ve never heard of this sort of punishment, but apparently it’s a thing in Russia. This is a tough assignment and will need someone with some experience at dealing with wayward girls and their sinful ways. Someone who won’t shy away from torture, because this could get ugly. Our Russian comrades have a gift for being overly dramatic, and in this movie that is a good thing; a very good thing.