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Unlike any other version worldwide, Big Thunder Mountain here stands in the middle of the Rivers of the Far West, the explosive runaway mine train circling its cacti-littered canyons.

The story goes that the gold rush in these parts has created the burgeoning town of Thunder Mesa, with a Riverboat Landing for adventurous cruises and The Lucky Nugget Saloon for food and merriment where once Fort Comstock was the only outpost.

The 5,200 rooms across seven resort hotels simply failed to be filled; a massive overestimation of the number of guests willing to stay overnight, on-property, at high cost — especially as a European recession hit.

At the same time, the opening day Euro Disneyland, even with the superlative quality of its attractions, contained far too few of them to warrant the length of stays Disney expected.

Space Mountain greatly expanded the land's conceit in 1995 as the park's single biggest development since opening, but with budget cuts denting its original ambition (and size), there's a feeling Discoveryland has never quite realised its potential.

Harming this vision further, the admittedly fun yet cartoony Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast now sits right at its entrance and the centrepiece roller coaster itself is now undercover as Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain: Rebel Mission.

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Repositioned to the back of the park, the luscious greenery and hidden caverns and waterways of Adventureland are so immersive that at no point do its Arabian, African, Indian and Caribbean corners feel only 32 km from the city of Paris.

Led by Tony Baxter as executive producer, Walt Disney Imagineering set about adapting and reinventing its now classic attractions for a new continent and a world approaching a new millennium.

This would be a showpiece for the new, more confident Disney corporation; no expense spared and no detail left unimproved from earlier versions.

Rather than just one continent, this land successfully blends several without a single join.

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Starting out from the relative urbanity of 1001 Nights-inspired market stalls and magic lamps in Adventureland Bazaar, you can travel to an abandoned archaeological dig to join Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril on a roller coaster that's thrilling enough if sadly not close to the more fully-realised dark ride that was once going to sit beside it.

Opened in 1992, the original Magic Kingdom-style park at Disneyland Paris might just be second only to the 1955 original in Anaheim, California.

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