Online dating useless

03-Feb-2017 16:17

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I'm poor, overweight and merely average looking, but I've done quite well here in the two months or so I've been here. OP, If it doesn't work for anyone I'd suggest they're using it wrong. When expectations exceed reality is most peoples problems & especially women, which only leads to becoming overly cynical & frustrated.

It's important to remember that despite the way it feels sometimes, it's not a catalogue; there's a real woman behind most of those profiles. The site can be hit and miss for some guys but ive been here now for nearly four years on and off had two relationships and made some great friends from the site.

I would consider you change your profile abit it looks abit negative and undfriendly maybe ask the lads for a profile review that mite help.

Well OP, maybe you need to take a poll and ask how many women in your area are actually looking for if you don't mind me quoting your profile for "something fun, safe, and too the point".

If I wanted a profile review, I would have posted it in the "profile reviews" section.

This is just the most recent of many profiles, spanning many dating sites, in most of which I have written TONS about myself, but gotten nothing.

I’m trying to give all these dating apps a shot – I really am.

I want to be positive and open-minded, but the dudes out there are making it quite difficult for me. I’ve flirted with online dating for the past year or so, trying out new apps and then deleting them after a couple months, then revisiting them several months later only to delete them again. Every app has a different gimmick and so far they all just suck.

To add to this confusion, this web site boasts enormous statistic success! I will also say you haven't written much on your profile, how can you expect people to want to meet someone that has 3 interests and can only write 2-3 sentences about himself? Its probably not best for young males in a highly competitive location for the same reason that oxygen makes things burn hotter. oxygen) the rare item more or less vanishes from the environment.Gawd..................anyone needs to work on their profile,it is YOU, Op!!You've barely said anything and you've put yourself in the 'Intimate Encounters' category thereby cancelling out at least 97% of girls you might want to email. So long as you see it for what it is, a night out to meet someone new & have a good time, you can be very successful.Most of the men I message never message me back at all. Even if I do strike up a conversation with someone, he usually lets it fizzle out after a few sentences back and forth.

I almost never get a guy who actually asks for my number, let alone asks me out on a date.

Still - you gotta head towards being bonkable if you mean to replace reliable devices they may already have acquired. Creating profiles, writing clever profiles and ads, filtering out fatties and fakes. But over the past six years I have had so many incredibly rewarding relationships with ridiculously hot, smart chicks.

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