Table of organization for consolidating fire departments

15-Apr-2016 12:50

The Report from the Commission devoted two chapters to the question of organisational change, namely chapter 9 (Transforming ourselves to transform society: building effective organisation) and chapter 10 (Building the engines of COSATU: restructuring the Federation).The Commission made a strong case for COSATU and affiliates to “adopt a systematic and long term programme for organisational renewal focusing on building effective, democratic and innovative organisation.’ However, after the report was tabled at the 6th Congress in 1997 the federation failed to adopt such a systematic programme of organisational renewal.The fire service is a bit different than big business, but it's not much different when it comes to money, people, products, and other services provided by fire departments.In a technical sense, we are a service business providing a service.Since the 6th Congress resolutions on organisational renewal or aspects of organisational renewal were adopted.This include among others the resolution on a ‘sense of belonging´ to ensure better service in the rural areas by pooling resources of the affiliates and the Federation; resolutions of the 1999 Special Congress on repositioning the Federation; resolution on super unions and cartels. Murphy Fire department mergers, consolidation, and annexations can be described in one word: complicated. We see businesses merge or consolidate almost on a daily basis, sometimes with a peaceful integration of goods, services, and staff.

The Central Committee takes place on the 14-16 April to assess progress in implementation of organisational review resolutions adopted by the 1st Central Committee.In addition, programme funding especially for political education has either declined or is non-existent..

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