Updating autofill

12-May-2016 02:38

In these situations, you’ll want to clear out the unnecessary autofill details from Safari to update to the proper address.

Making these changes to Safari Autofill is really easy to do in Mac OS X.

However, as with simple numbers, you have the option of clicking on the 'Auto Fill Options' box, to select a different type of Auto fill.

Times have the same four Auto fill options as are shown above, for simple numbers (i.e.

values of your series into the first and second cells of a range.

Select both of these cells and again, drag the fill handle across the range to be filled.

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Simply drag the fill handle across the cells that you want to populate.For those who use i Cloud and i Cloud Keychain, autofill details stored in Safari will carry over to your other Macs using the same Apple ID, as well as i OS devices using the same Apple ID and i Cloud account – this is yet another reason why it’s important to maintain and use a single Apple ID for your devices.For this reason, you can also update or modify autofill information from i OS and have it carry over from, say, your i Phone or i Pad, and have those changes carry over to your Mac with Safari in OS X too.As well as the four options for simple numbers and times, there are also the following: The Excel Autofill will generally fill a column with text values by repeating the value(s) in the first cell(s).

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However, there are some text values that Excel recognises as part of a series.If the cells below or adjacent to the highlighted cell (or range) contain values, double clicking the fill handle causes the Autofill to fill down the current column until it reaches the end of the current data range.